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Haruno Sakura ( 春野 サクラ ) a.u.

Current Location: Japan
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Haruno Sakura ( 春野 サクラ ) a.u.
[ A certain someone's arrived to school barely on time, only to find out that roles are reversed and animals are running rampart. There's bound to be damage. Damage everywhere. Because this is Ninja High. Everything that can happen and go wrong is bound to occur somehow. But this time, she can do something more about it.

So much for ruling a biology class with an iron fist. Because she would have kept you in class until you actually pulled your head out of that book and did your work, Kakashi-sensei.

No. At this moment, the nurse's office is now being headed by this pink-haired girl herself. A white coat is buttoned up securely, the room is clean, and there are band-aids galore, both designed and generic. Oh, and obligatory lollipops too. Who says they're restricted to elementary kids anyways? High school kids need love too! She may or may not be snacking on some at the side. If you need a patch-up, some escape from the chaos, or just want to stop by and say hi, it's all open. ]
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Haruno Sakura ( 春野 サクラ ) a.u.
12 November 2010 @ 07:59 am
[ If you happen to be outside of the classrooms and enjoying the fresh cool air, you might catch a certain pink-haired girl playing away tennis like so. Despite the weather, Sakura hadn't exactly bothered to put on a jacket to add to her tennis outfit, opting for as much flexibility as she can. ]

And now for a harder hit--Shannaro!

[ And with that, the ball gets hit with a harsh smack of the racket, flying away at a high and faster rate that she meant to do to it. Her face visibly pales as she watches the ball rising, rising, and then falling... right outside of the gate. Oops. Here's hoping that it doesn't hit anyone in the head. ]

( ooc. Reference to be made here at 1:01 for a good idea of what she's doing, wearing, etc.? )
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Haruno Sakura ( 春野 サクラ ) a.u.
28 October 2010 @ 06:04 pm
Current Location: japan
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